Hard-Wearing Table Tops

27 Feb 2023


Hard-wearing tabletops are an ever-popular choice with venues, and for good reason! They offer a multitude of benefits in terms longevity, functionality and versatility - perfect for withstanding the demands of a busy commercial environment. 

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A Durable Option

Our laminate table tops are the perfect all-rounder if you're looking for a durable option, suited to both indoor and outdoor dining. These laminate tops come in a range of shapes, sizes and effects to suit all of your venues needs. Available in 4 finishes; Toscano, Walnut, Marble and Weathered Oak.


Popular Choice

An affordable option which can come in a wide range of textures and colours to suit, its no wonder hard wearing tables tops are such a popular choice. Pub Stuffs range of table tops and separate bases make the design possibilities endless. The laminates are suitable to be paired with Milan or Verona bases, and the  solid wood range can be paired with any of our Stowe, Boston and pedestal table bases.

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