Holiday Park Benches

22 Apr 2021

Holiday Park Benches are crucial to the outdoor living focus associated with parks. They are invaluable to recreational areas and a simple solution to your accommodation outdoor seating.

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The Importance of Benches

Bench seating gives people a stopping point, whether it be for lunch, for a rest, a place to wait and meet others or simply a place to sit and take in the scenery. They are also important because people love spending time talking with each other in outdoor areas when on vacation. It's essential your benches are durable and built to last avoiding rotting and decay.

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Traditional Bench

Traditional A frame picnic tables with a rectangular slatted top are loved for their stability, and their popularity is on the rise as people are spending more and more time outdoors. A pub-style picnic bench sits perfectly on patios, terrace, grass and gravel areas and will give you seating that can be used throughout the year.

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Round Benches

A round bench table is perfect for when you want to encourage conversation in social groups. They offer ease of entering and leaving and a more intimate experience with the ability to face everyone. Another advantage of round tables is that they present no corners, meaning they are more comfortable (and less dangerous, when thinking about little toddlers manoeuvring around those hazardous table edges). 

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Walk in Benches

The alternative to the Traditional Bench, the Walk in Bench remains rectangle like it's popular counterpart with the added advantage of no tricky "leg over" manoeuvres. A sturdy braced frame has allowed the step in to be lowered and can be accessed from both sides allowing you to enter and exit with ease. A mixture of all options will add choices and interest to your holiday makers and will increase your seating capacity outdoors significantly.

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holiday park benches 2

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