Hospitality Furniture

11 May 2023

Hospitality furniture covers a whole range of products to cover a wealth of different venues.

There's a lot to consider when choosing furniture for a hospitality venue. Usually venues such as hotels will pick a design scheme and keep this running through the entire premises - from the lobby, right through to restaurants and hotel rooms.

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Think plush sofas and arm chairs for Hotel lobbies. Most hotels take pride in making sure the first area that their customers enter is a stylish space where guests and visitors alike can recline and relax whilst they wait.

Most hotels will opt for comfortable yet stylish seating for the restaurant or dining areas. These areas will see the most footfall, and will likely be used for breakfast lunch and dinner. This is why opting for sturdy, good quality furniture is important, and making sure that it can withstand the demands of a busy venue. The Lisbon is one of our most popular dining chairs, and its easy to see why. It's sturdy back and arms allow your to dine in comfort, and the option to mix and match fabrics really means you can make your own stamp on it. (additional charges may apply)

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Other areas in hotels - such as boardrooms or meeting areas - can see high demand for large amounts of chairs and tables which can be brought out and stored away easily. This is why small factors such as whether chairs stack, they are lightweight, or if they are weatherproof are all very important when making a decision to buy furniture in bulk. The Cambridge Metal Cross Back Chair is the perfect option for use as a dining chair, or perfect for using at events or wedding venues. It stacks away easily and gives the perfect mix of vintage style with a modern twist.

1 v38At Pub Stuff we know how important it is to get your design scheme nailed. That's why almost all of our chairs can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice, giving you the chance to let your imagination go wild and keep the personality and theme you've picked for your venue running all the way through. (additional charges may apply)



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