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How to Create a Mood Board for Pub Furniture

A mood board is a series of photos and/or pictures put together to try to capture a mood or style.  They are usually used by designers or architects to show potential clients the effect different colours and styles will have on their premises.  It is not an accurate representation of the exact furniture or items that will be used in the actual fitting of a new scheme but should provide an indication of the finished ‘look’. So where do you start?

‘I’ll know it when I see it in my pub’, ‘sort of modern but traditional too’, ‘it has to look exactly like it does in my restaurant now- but better’.

These are just a selection of some of the design briefs our wonderful Pub Stuff Team, based in Oxfordshire, dissect every day from owners of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants looking for pub furniture.  You’re not alone when you don’t really know what to do regarding the décor and layout style for your pub club or restaurant. But a moodboard can really help define the process and point you in the right direction.

Start by cutting out pictures you like from wherever you see them – Sunday supplements, home magazines, DIY paint colour sheets.  Try Pinterest or Google images for a vast array of different colours and design ideas. Importantly the pictures don’t need to be pubs, clubs or restaurants, cafes or bars – you may really like the colour of a Siberian Tiger! – cut it out and include it on the moodboard, perhaps we’ll find exactly the same shade in the background of a wallpaper later.  If it’s on the board you can do this.   Don’t worry if you think the images are showing  all different styles – without realising it you’re probably already creating a pattern.

Try to group pictures together in a logical way. You could perhaps stick carpets and flooring at the bottom, bars and décor in the middle with lighting perhaps at the top.  Or group together shades of the same colours so that you create a ‘pallet’ to work with.

When you’ve finished you’ll hopefully have something you can show to all the tradespeople involved in your pub or bar or cafe refurbishment, telling them what you’re trying to achieve and the overall ‘look’ you’re aiming for in your venue.  It should be viewed as a working document that you can keep referring back to it whenever you either buy something new for your pub or refurbish an existing piece.

Alternatively call in the experts!  The Pub Stuff Sales Team are friendly and knowledgeable.  Providing easy to follow design advice and pub furniture floor plan designs and furniture recommendations to ensure you make the absolute best of your venue.



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