Introducing the NEW Vintage Wood Colour range

22 Jan 2020

The start of 2020 brings a new variation to Pub Stuff! From the beginning of February, we will have a fully stocked warehouse of the new Vintage Wood Colour.

Available in a whole range of Chairs, Tables and Stools, this is a new selection of products you do not want to miss out on.

What we offer in the New Vintage Range

This new colour introduces another variable into the ever-expanding choice offered by Pub

The new wood colour provides even more variety, which will give our customers the opportunity for greater flexibility when creating inspiring and fantastic looking spaces.

Our New Henley Solid Back Dining Chair and our Stowe Pedestal Round Dining Table in our new Vintage Wood Colour

Above you will see our new Henley Dining Chair finished in our new Vintage Wood colour. With a new solid back design, it brings another variation to an increasingly popular chair style. Starting from £59.74 in the Vintage finish, this is a great start to redesigning your space.

Next to our exciting new chair, is our ever-popular Stowe Round Pedestal Dining Table. With the ability to seat two customers, it is a firm favourite from traditional country pubs to your local social club.

It is also a great pairing to any bench seating as the central pedestal allows for easy access

Our Traditional Low Stool with our new Button Design

The image above which the first of two new designs of the Button Top Low Stool, adds a new element to our range by adding a button to the middle of the stool. Starting from £6 per stool, this will create a new and unique look to your space.

Our Button Low Top Stool with our new Button and Piping Design

This image shows our new button with extra beading around the outside of the stool pad. With both together, this starts at £12 per stool (£6 per stool for just the beading around the edge of the stool pad) and adds another dynamic opportunity to improve the look of your furniture without any extra work.

Railway Inn Botley - the perfect way to show off our products

The Railway Inn, Botley

A quick view from a recent project where our Vintage Wood colour finish in full force in the Railway Inn's restaurant.

The solid wood table top creates a unique and individual look in your space. Irregular grooves gives a distressed look making the table perfect for traditional or industrial settings.

Combine the new wood colour with cast bases and painted chairs to perfect an eclectic styling. The Vintage colour and low sheen finish also enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

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