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Jester and Spitfire

There is a timeless feel to leather furniture in general and to the Chester style in particular.  It’s a style that’s never out of fashion and always incredibly popular with our customers.  The luxurious, generous dimensions add a Wow factor to any venue and now there’s a twist to the Chester story:

Pub Stuff’s new Jesterfield creates a storm of interest and envy wherever we show it and brings a smile to everyone’s face, which is only enhanced when you realise you can get their hands on such an impressive piece for only £699. Two distinct colourways using multi coloured leathers The Jesterfield is a game changer and a head turner!

Perfect partners are hard to find but there’s no doubt the Jesterfield has found its soul mate in the spectacular Spitfire Chair.  Coordinating in shades of real leather: Vintage Red, Blue, Green or Chestnut, to match the multiple colours in its big brother the Jesterfield: the Spitfire style defies it’s great value price tag of just £259.  With hand placed studs at the front and a fluted distressed leather back this little chair is a joy to look at and a pleasure to sit on.

Whether it’s a Clubhouse, Wine Bar, Country Pub, Mess Bar or Reception the pairing of the Leather Jesterfield and Spitfire chairs are bound to impress.