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20 Jun 2022

The Wellington Inn Darley

It's finally June and the month that summer officially starts, wahoo! Can it get much better than that!?

After a lovely long bank holiday weekend of street parties and cream teas, we are fully back in the swing of all things furniture.

Continue reading for some summer inspo, a quick look at one of our recent projects, some sale pieces and much more!

Summer Inspo - Flora Fabrics

flora fabrics

Discover the must-have floral print trends for interiors, including granny influences, charming Toile de Jouy, paradisiac gardens and maximalist looks. Two key floral trends right now are Maximalist and Paradise Gardens. Maximalism style allows your personality and experiences to shine through, making it a very bold and bright trend, which we love!

Some key characteristics of a maximalist space are:

> Layering

>Repetitive patterns in prints such as florals, abstract and animal prints

>Rich, bold colours with unique statement pieces

>Mixing and matching of textures and colours

>Multiples of items like books, statues, artworks etc.

>Blending of styles

Designers offer vibrant mismatched patterns and styling for fabrics design. Artful florals give interiors a feel-good boost, so encourage creative expression by layering different prints to inspire your audience. Paradise Gardens is a trend that heavily features flowers and foliage from tropical climates to build a fantastical look and theatrical styling for fabric design. Study otherworldly botanical species and place them in busy garden settings, including palm tree foliage and fresh tropics. Jewel tones enliven motifs disguised in busy repeats while dark grounds are favoured for their dramatic effect, adding warmth to a space.

> Illustrate a variety of wondrous flora and greenery in a range of printed goods

> Be daring with colour to add vibrancy to the artwork; if dark grounds are too bold for your brand’s aesthetic, offer a lighter version

> As maximalist interiors take a dark twist, help users build their own level of drama with mix-and-match product options

Recent Project - Bloxham Chequer Tea Room


website 4

This new plant nursery set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside has just opened it's doors to their lovely tea room, with a counter filled with delicious cakes to make anyones mouth water, along with their scrumptious coffees. Filled head to toe with Pub Stuff furniture to fit with their plant theme, this tea room looks so beautiful! This is the second Wyatts Garden Centre we have supplied the furniture and hopefully not the last!

The tea room hosts all Weathered Oak coloured furniture as this compliments the light stone flooring throughout the room, and it is in keeping with the countryside feel of the whole centre. This wood colour option creates a warm ambiance in this room, and works extremely well with the colour scheme chosen. The Stowe Pedestal tables with cream bases and weathered Oak tops look amazing in contrast to the colours of the chairs.

The Avon Dining Chairs were covered in a mixture of external fabrics from iLiv, Prestigious and Clarke and Clarke, who are all ongoing suppliers of ours. Our client chose to have a different fabric on the back to the seat, which we are a big fan of! Half of the chairs were in Passiflora Kingfisher on the backs (the gorgeous flowery fabric) with a mixture of Hampton Fire and Hampton Teal velvets on the seat. Complimented by the rest of the Avons covered with Marilyn Dragonfly on the backs, again with Hampton Fire and Hampton Teal on the seats. These opposing styles of fabric work perfectly together and also look great with the neutral tones of the room.

This tea room also had Country Dining Chairs in cream which look amazing and really pop with the fabric against the cream. They also had Ohio Dining Chairs mixed in which really adds to the 'mix and match' styling which is currently bang on trend. 

Untitled design 61

Recent Projects

Featured Product - Country Dining Chair


Country Dining Chair Padded Back and Seat Weathered Oak ScaleMaxWidthWzEwMDBd

As heavily featured in the Bloxham Tea Room, the Country Chair fits amazingly into any gaps left by it's outdated cousins, the farmhouse or wheelback chair. With an option of having it with a purely wooden seat, a padded seat and wooden back or a padded back and seat, this chair is extremely versatile and can suit multiple styles and venue types. The padded back and seat option includes a new stud design, for extra comfort but also an extra edge. You can incorporate the mix and match look with having different fabrics on the seat and back, along with the studs making it look very trendy. Then also adding an injection of colour to the chair by having it in cream to make it pop, or you can also get it painted in a colour of your choice.

To see all of our options, click on the button below.

Country Dining Chair

New Sale Items


sale for website

We currently have a sale going on old warehouse stock/slightly damaged/old stock line furniture. If you are looking to furnish your pub, cafe, or bar on a budget then take a look at our collection and see if anything catches your eye. Whether your venue is a sleek modern bar, a quirky organic cafe, or a traditional country pub, we have a wide range of stock to suit your needs. Your customers will be impressed by the design and comfort you provide, and will be sure to keep coming back for more.


The Wellington Inn Darley

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