Laminate Table Tops

6 Apr 2022

Laminate table tops are one of the most popular choices for restaurant surfaces, and there are plenty of reasons why. While laminate is widely known for its durability and easy-to-clean surface, these table tops are also versitile enough to be used in a wide variety of restaurants, public locations, and various other settings. Laminate table tops are not the basic, boring, make-do material we thought they were. In fact, they're one of the most versatile materials to use in any setting where food is served.

White levanto marble effect tabletops at Fed Watered Acton by DeFrae Contract Furniture 2

Why choose laminate table tops?

Today's laminate table tops provide a variety of options that work in practically every venue while offering a wealth of benefits that make them a favourite of both restaurant staff and customers. Here are some surprising options you can find with laminate table tops:

Weather and Stain Proof: Laminate table tops are designed with a layer of laminate on both sides. This material is weather and stain proof, ensuring these table tops can be used outside as longs as they are paired with our metal Milan and Verona Bases.

Colour: Whether you want your laminate tables to resemble wood or you prefer a pop of colour that matches your other decor, laminate table tops are a great choice. Our laminate table tops will come in four different colour tones, two resembling wood (Yukon Oak and Walnut) and two more modern looks (Marble and Toscano). 

Pattern: Patterned table tops attract the eye and hide blemishes that occur over time. Laminate table tops, especially, allow you to achieve a variety of patterned looks while maintaining a smooth surface that's easy to keep clean.

Shape & Size: Whether you need round tables, square tables, or smaller rectangular ones, laminate table tops can be designed to fit the needs of a variety of industries. Our table tops will come in each of these shapes in a couple of different size variations. 

Finish: Laminate table tops can be designed to mimic a variety of natural materials that are far more expensive and require considerably more work to maintain. For example, laminate tables can be created to look like wood grain surfaces, marble, and granite. This could give you the option to purchase only a few expensive tables and use less expensive, more durable laminate to complete the look in your dining area. 

Wood Look Options: Get the look of wood with the easily cleanable surface and durability of laminate. Wood look laminate table tops are available in a variety of shades, including mahogany, natural, walnut, oak, and even reversible options that let you choose your favorite wood grain. Wood look tables are versatile enough to use in casual diners, hotel dining areas, or bars.


More Pros to Laminate

Laminate provides a variety of benefits for your business and customers. In fact, the easily sanitized surface — combined with the versatility of laminate — makes it a favourite in a variety of industry spaces. 

Here are four ways every venue can benefit from laminate tables:

1. Sanitation

Laminate is a smooth, durable surface that can be quickly cleaned and sanitized during even your busiest mealtime rush. This means your restaurant staff can clean quickly and efficiently without the worries of cross-contamination. This knowledge also works to give your customers a boost of confidence when it comes to using those tables. In a time when most consumers are becoming more aware of potential illnesses that spread in public places, sanitation is at the top of the list of necessities in an eating establishment.

2. Versatility

Gone are the days when laminate was considered a cheap and tacky option designed for preschool tables. Modern printing options provide a huge variety of options that completely transform the look of laminate without removing any of the durability you need. Laminate table tops have a wide variety of color and finish options that make them appropriate for any atmosphere and venue.

3. Durability

Dining tables see a lot of traffic and luckily, laminate can handle practically everything your customers throw at it. Laminate has been a top choice for durable table tops as thousands of plates, trays, and glasses slide across laminate tabletops without leaving a scratch. Food and drink spillage results in sticky messes that are scrubbed away countless times every day. Laminate takes this abuse with remarkable ease, which means easy clean-up without specific routines or expensive products.

4. Affordability 

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the hospitality business for decades, you know the cost is an important factor in furnishing your restaurant or other dining spaces. Laminate table tops provide affordability in an attractive package you can customise to match practically any decor. Laminate tables can also be matched to other, more expensive options to complete a look without the exorbitant cost of natural materials.

Laminate table tops can be used in a variety of situations as an attractive, durable, affordable option. Due in this June, keep an eye out on our website for the launch of our new Laminate table tops 

Marble Laminate Tabletops by DeFrae Contract Furniture at Tandem Leicester

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