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25 Jan 2022

Designed to stand out, our Leather Chair collection is the epitome of timeless grace and class. Every inch of our traditional leather range exudes elegance, from the attractive curved or straight back to the sweeping arms, and every signature Chesterfield style button in between.

The Leather Chair collection at Pub Stuff is not one to blend with its surroundings – whether you choose the full-size sofa, or another leather furniture piece showcased below, you’re guaranteed all eyes would be on this elegant addition to your café, restaurant, pub or bar and bring a very vintage classic look.

Chester Leather 2 and 3 Seater Sofa

Virtually any Chester sofa looks good in a large, airy room. The beauty of the Chester Leather Sofa comes from the fact that it’s a narrow sofa perfect for little spaces. While some other Chesterfields can be too deep, even the largest sofa from this collection is very well-suited for space constraints.

The Chester three-seater sofa has comparable seat dimensions and a taller back. But it’s the width and depth of the sofa where it stands apart as the daintier option. At just 167 cm wide and 90 cm deep, this three-seater sofa can comfortably fit in the snugger areas of your venue, doing away with awkward placements without compromising on the luxurious look and feel of a Chesterfield leather sofa.

For even more space savings, we also have the two-seater sofa in our collection. Just as formal and elegant as its larger counterpart, this stunning leather sofa will fit like a glove in the smaller nooks of your room, while still offering plenty of space to seat your guests or enjoy a comfortable lounge. 

Chester Sofa Brown DSC 4915

Wing Chair

For those partial to an elevated back, our leather collection also features a high back leather chair. Combining all of our favourite Chesterfield-inspired details with great back support, this antique leather armchair will lure you in with a smooth leathery embrace and have you wanting to lounge in it for hours. Plus, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of refinement to any room without making the space look crowded.

3 v2


Nothing packs a stylish punch without taking up much space quite like a leather armchair. Whether you’re looking for a standalone piece to wow your customers, or you need to squeeze in an extra seat alongside your larger Chesterfield pieces from the range, the stylish Hurricane chair is the perfect choice for you.

The Hurricane also offers an additional advantage – unlike the classic Chesterfield style sofas, which feature the same height arms and back, the Hurricanes take on the traditional style brings in a high, curving back which envelops guests and owners alike in a sense of decadent comfort. A touch less formal than a regular wing chair, a leather masterpiece like the Hurricane draws the eye and makes for the perfect focal point.

Just like the rest of the Chesterfield family, our Hurricane leather chairs are incredibly versatile and look at home in any setting, from traditional pubs to contemporary bars and cafes. We supple all our leather range in timeless Chesterfield colours which suits any style of interior design and palette, but also bolder, special edition pieces in some wacky, two-tone fabrics!

3 v14


Staying true to both the Chesterfield tradition and the distinctive features of the range, this antique leather chair is both a striking statement piece and a luxuriously cosy spot for lounging. Complete with a roomy seat cushion, the Wellington leather chair is ideal for sitting back comfortably for a pint or coffee, or even alongside a leather sofa from the collection.

2 v11

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