Leather Restaurant Chairs

7 Sep 2023

Leather restaurant chairs are popular and for good reason too, they often are seen in high end venues and restaurants as they add a touch of luxury. When taking a leather restaurant chair like our Luigi and then pairing it with a weathered oak table it creates a classy and timeless style. Leather chairs are easily maintained in venues and can look fresh for longer due to them being easier to wipe down.  This also makes them a wiser investment as they are able to stand the test of time.

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There are so many advantages to getting leather restaurant chairs this is because it is a strong and durable material, making it perfect for busy venues. Leather also has a natural shine to it making it feel high quality and look fresh.  Leather is also easily maintained and  if there is any damage such as stains a damp cloth should help solve this problem. If you have the chairs for a while the leather will only get better with age, that is why this material is perfect fro busy venues or if you aren't planning on having regular referbs. 

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So when thinking about going for leather the question is faux leather or real? So lets have a look at what the difference is and which is best suited for your venue.  There is a price difference in the two with real leather often being more expensive but that doesn’t mean the faux leather can lack the quality.  Real leather is tried and tested and will stand the test of time in venues, however faux leather also has the same effect and often can be more cost effective. Fax leather can be more affordable and can still create a sleek minimalistic look that you are after.

How to take care of your leather dining chairs, at Pub stuff we have a full page recommending how to take care of your products. We also have a sales team which you can call who will happily talk you through any questions you may have.  The best way to take care of them is to keep them clean and using a damp cloth to wipe away any grime. by staying away from harsh chemicals it allows the leather to keep better and not strip back the material.

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At Pub stuff we have a wide range leather products from our booths to our Dining chairs, get in touch today and we will be able to assist you on finding the perfect product to suit your venue.  Pairing a leather chair alongside a fabric could allow you to add a nice range in your venue. 

(Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff). Have a look at our range of cube products to see what fits for your venue, be in touch and we will help to get the best cube stool suited for your needs.


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