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Millennial Style

Spending in the UK leisure sector, including eating and drinking out in bars, cafes and restaurants, was driven by 18 to 34-year olds in the last quarter of 2016 reports Deloitte. These millennials are showing increased consumer confidence and follows a period of favourable conditions such as low interest rates, low inflation and low unemployment figures, leaving them feeling generally positive with enough disposable income to justify spending on non-essential leisure activities.

Deloitte continued “It is reassuring to see that younger consumers have not been put off by political uncertainties, and have continued to spend their money on leisure activities, such as dining out.”


Busy lifestyles contribute to eating out and the choices of venue are endless:

Cafes have traditionally evolved from the French word for Coffee and serving coffee often remains the primary focus supplemented by snack food or light bites.  The massive increase in the number of outlets describing themselves as Coffee Bars has encroached into the Café estate reflecting our ongoing and ever more complex need for coffee in all its guises. The delicate merger of these two descriptive entities is often only delignated by the visual style of the venue.

As venues capitalise and make the very most of the time they are open, many now ‘morph’ from a day time to an evening venue. Dimming the lights or putting candles on tables, changing the music playlists and perhaps serving more substantial or complex meals.

From Cafe to Café Bar!

The furniture is an important feature for letting your customers understand your offer. The vintage industrial concept of interior is just perfect for this type of venue. Appealing to the demographic section of the population showing growth in spending, it is both stylish for daytime eating and transforms in cool Britannia for an early doors evening trade for our millennials.

Zoned soft seating areas for relaxing with friends and family are easily achieved using the Pub Stuff Lisbon or Devon tub chairs upholstered in fabrics and leathers combining cheekily with the Spitfire chair and Jesterfield sofa to add zest and zing to any scheme.  Eclectic mixing of wooden chairs such as the Ohio or Chapel chair with new metal additions like the Xavier or Soho chairs add interest and ensure a look that has evolved over time rather than slaps you in the face as ‘just refurbed!’. Shabby chic without the hassle of sourcing individual items and with the surety of commercial grade (often called ‘contract grade’) furniture.

Tables to complement this look range from the farmhouse chunky tables with painted bases or Rustic distressed table tops on cast bases such as the Verona or Milan.

Raw natural wall, ceiling and floor finishes are best here with bare brick and original tiles and floorboards left for all to see.  Large steel, copper or cast black station lights complete the look.

If you would like us to help you create this type of style – ask about the Pub Stuff Proplanner design service.


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