November Newsletter

18 Nov 2022

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20 YEARS! Pub Stuff has been supplying an ever-expanding range of furniture to customers in all areas of the leisure & hospitality industry since the early noughties. From Pubs to Sports Clubs, the people that work in these industry sectors make what we do so special. Whether it be a last-minute panic to add that extra seating in for a national event, or a complete restoration of a much loved venue, our aim is always to come through for you on time and within budget leaving you precious time to do what you do best!  Developing many long-term clients over the years who trust us to be professional and work with integrity, this is our opportunity to thank you all for your continued business, past and present, and how proud we are to be your suppliers.

Featured Products-Everything Bistro

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Over The Years

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Over the past 20 years Pub Stuff have supplied to may venues, from your local pub to a favourite restaurant, above are just some of the tried and tested products and schemes that have stood the test of time. Making the right choices can be difficult, and that's why we have put together archives of past projects to give you inspiration and ideas. Click on the images above to browse successful past projects and for more recent choices and inspiration check out the image link below. Don't forget, we are always on hand for help and guidance too!

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New additions

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Always on the lookout for new and exciting trends to add to the ever-expanding range, In development is the Hereford Dining Chair (seen on the left). An alternative to the popular Lisbon tub chair, with its open back design and gorgeous curves, I think you'll agree this will fast become the next best seller! Due in early next year.  Available now and a new addition to the Bentwood range (seen on the right), The classic Bentwood design is iconic, typically presented with a wooden seat. To add an additional touch of comfort and style, you now have the option with seat pads and in a fabric of your choice to match your existing schemes.


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