Outdoor Furniture for Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants

28 Jan 2021

Outdoor furniture is sometimes an afterthought or seen as less important to the main dining room. However, it’s very often the first impression passers-by will get from your business.

Global Trends

Globally, consumer spending and traveling by tourists has increased. These trends are mainly observed in seaside areas, hill stations, scenic beauty places, and historical monuments, Thus, seeing an increase in the number of Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants driving the outdoor furniture spend.

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Cafe Outdoors

Many cafe outdoor areas are space limited, often infringing on street paths and walkways. Although design is important to attract passing trade, it must be considered that the furniture is easy to move and store during out of hours. You will often see bistro style metal tables and chairs as they are lightweight, stackable & easy to clean. The downside to these options can be stability. How often have you sat outside a coffee shop with a "wobbly" table?!

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Restaurant Outdoors

A Restaurant's outdoor furniture is a much more fluid transition from the inside out. It aims to give the illusion of seamless dining. Furniture choices can be anything from an elegant mix of metal and wood to cushioned high back chairs and marbled or tiled tabletops. Lighting and music play a large role in the illusion, and table dressings add a sense of quality to the dining experience.

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Pub Outdoors

Pubs usually have a significantly larger outside space for entertaining, therefore allowing a greater choice of outdoor furniture to consider. Typically, you will see larger pieces like the traditional pub bench/table that can accommodate bigger groups. A blend of round & rectangular bench/tables in grassier areas and more formal outdoor tables and chairs on terraced areas closer to the buildings.

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