Outdoor Picnic Benches

31 Mar 2022

Nothing says summer has arrived like a traditional outdoor picnic bench. Whether you are cooking out in the back garden or providing your customers with a place to sit for a while, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, outdoor picnic benches provide the perfect place to enjoy summer living.

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Types of Outdoor Picnic Benches

Picnic benches come in all shapes and sizes and can be composed of many different materials. Many people choose the traditional wooden picnic bench for its comfort and versatility. When you have a picnic table in your pub garden, you will attract a lot more custom for those summer diners wanting to dine in the open air.

Outdoor picnic benches have the durability that provides years of usable life with very little maintenance. They are commonly purchased by any leisure or hospitality business wanting to provide an outstanding outdoor dining experience.

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As the weather gets warmer and the sun stays out longer in the evening, consider adding outdoor picnic benches to your business, even if you just have a small area. They are not only convenient and low maintenance, but they also provide the opportunity to create a space that will inevitably attract more customers if you have that option over the warmer months.

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We have a wide range of size and design choices in our picnic benches, so dependent on what shape and size you want, we have it all covered. We have three different wooden designs to seat 6 people, the Sennen, Padstow and Penzance which are all rectangle, and one to seat 8 people called the Truro which is a round table. All of these outdoor picnic benches have a hole for a parasol and can be used for any venue as they are incredibly durable and versatile.

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