Outdoor Tabletops

14 Dec 2022

By adding tables to an outdoor area at a restaurant or café etc, you can create additional seating and allow people to enjoy their drinks or meal outside. This type of table is perfect for a casual eatery where people like to sit and relax for a while.

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Choosing  laminate tabletops that are weather and stain resistant will not only prolong the lifespan of your tables, but they will also offer practicality benefits for cleaning and maintenance.

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Although the very description “outdoor tabletops” may indicate a sole purpose, these are also a great option for indoor settings where service is fast and traffic heavy. Not only do they look great, but the ability also to simply wipe and re-use quickly can be invaluable to a high-volume turnover of custom such as canteens and casual restaurants.

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The Pubstuff range offers multiple sizes and shapes to suit the largest of spaces or tightest of corners. Made from a sustainable source of compressed rubber wood and laminated in 4 stunning finishes, you can create the perfect design from a wood effect right through to marble. Teamed with Pubstuff’s cast Iron bases such as the Milan or Verona, you really can transform your venues inside and out.


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