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Pub and Bar furniture for Officers' Mess and Sergeants' Mess

Mess Bars and Clubs within British Forces bases are special places where well deserved R & R takes place.  Great places to relax with friends and colleagues and recount recent events. Often doubled up as party venues for those special occasions such as birthdays and christenings our Officers' Mess Bars, Sergeants Mess Bars, Mess Rooms, HIVE Centres, Naval Bases, Garrison NAAFIS', Mess Hall furniture and Mess clubs have to work hard for their guests.

This means choosing the right pub and bar furniture for your Mess Room and layout to suit all types of occasion but most of all to create a warm, welcoming and attractive venue where your friends will want to meet up and everyone will feel comfortable. Often these spaces though are large and open plan which prove difficult to furnish in an imaginative way but don’t panic, at Pub Stuff, we’re here to help!

The most effective ‘tool’ you can use is Zoning - Breaking up the space into smaller bite size pieces and treating them each separately.  This will allow you to choose groups of seating which may be high poseur tables and pub bar stools, or low comfy chairs and coffee tables which add to the eye-line interest and automatically makes your venue look more attractive.

Still confused? Take a look at the examples below (or just pick up the phone and call Pub Stuff, for all your pub and bar furniture requirements – we’re happy to help.

Pub Stuff will export pub furniture to the British Forces based in Germany, Cyprus, Gibralter and beyond.  Speak to our Pub Stuff sales team today for more information.

Forces Pub, Bar, Restaurant and Cafe furniture for Officers' Mess, Sgts Mess, Junior Ranks Clubs, Red Shield Club, HIVE Centres, Mess Rooms,  Mess Halls and Garrison NAAFIS'.

Pub Stuff are proud to support The Victoria Cross Trust.

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