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How to Increase your Profits by positioning Pub Poseur Tables near your Fruit Machines

Pub Poseur Tables helping to increase your Profits

A great way to increase your profits by adding a small pub poseur table between your fruit machines by maximising your customers spend.

This NEW! small, neat pub and bar poseur table from Pub Stuff is just 400mm x 700mm and fits neatly between two fruit machines giving your customer's rooms to access their drinks easily but taking up minimum space in our bar area.

Available in our two Pub Stuff wood colours, soft oak and dark walnut, this popular pub poseur table will transform your venue so that your customers stay longer.

Pub Poseur Tables

Chunky Chunky Chunky!! With 90mm x 90mm legs and a 45mm thick top, you’ll be delighted with the sheer value of these high poseur tables. This pub furniture has superb, solid construction and available in modular and practical sizes with the added benefit of an H-frame bracing bar.

These pub poseur tables remain one of Pub Stuffs best-selling furniture lines year after year.

  • Position a small pub poseur table between fruit machines to encourage drink sales.
  • The Pub Stuff Poseur table is only 700mm x 400mm, the perfect size to position between your fruit machines.
  • The perfect height for standing drinks whilst using the machines.
  • Available in both Soft Oak or Dark Walnut colour to suit your venue.
  • Strong, sturdy and robust.


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