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Design and Inspiration is part of the Service with our Furniture Design Service

Furniture Design Service from Pub Stuff

If your venue is looking tired and needs a new lease of life, perhaps a change of colour scheme or a change of furniture for a completely new modern or contemporary or alternatively a more traditional look and feel, then we, at Pub Stuff have the solution.

Our new Pro-planner Design Service will be a great way to demonstrate how our furniture will look and fit in your venue.
Whether you have a Clubhouse, Restaurant, Bar, Holiday Park, Cafe or Pub, our expert designers at Pub Stuff can show you the best way to layout your furniture for maximum effect and style giving your customers the ultimate experience with comfort which will mean they stay longer and inevitably spend more money.

How does it work?

With our Pro-planner design service you will receive a state of the art 3D layout of your venue including recommended zoning of multiple areas. We will also provide a digital moodboard to compliment this, giving you inspiration and ideas for the type of furniture to suit your setting and your customer’s needs. We’ll also include a proposed colour palette with ideas for wallpaper and paint as well as feature walls, lighting ideas and fabulous flooring suggestions to complete the look and feel.

If you are able to supply existing site floor plans and measurements to our team this will certainly help to speed up the design process.

Pro-planner 3d furniture design Pub Stuff design service

Pub Stuff Mood Board

Pub Stuff Pro-Planner Design Service
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