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Pub Stuff Chairs

Our ranges of Chairs are a great way to accompany any existing furniture or match with our own range of Pub Stuff Tables.

We stock a vast range of Chairs from Dining, Mid Height Bar Chair, Bar Chair and Soft seating. Below we will show you some of our favourite Chairs and how they would look inside your space.

Dining Chairs
With 10’s of styles and 1000’s of variations, the Pub Stuff dining chair range is affordable but great at the same time. With the ability to use our own or any other fabrics, we can simply offer you a space full of chairs or create the statement pieces you have been searching for.

Our Avon Dining Chairs in external fabrics being made for Mitchell's and Butler's.
Our Avon Dining Chairs in the Marchmont Arms, Hemel Hempstead.

Bar Chairs
A perfect height to sit next to a bar or around one of our poseur tables. Our full ranges of bar chairs are stylish as well as comfortable, and we please every kind of customers that decides to come into your space.

Image showing our Rimini Mid-Height Bar Chair and our Ohio Bar Chair.

With the addition of our mid-height range, it creates the perfect chair to perch on while your customers enjoy having a drink or waiting to be seated for dinner. With a chair seat on average being 90mm shorter, it will please every type of customer visiting your space.

Our Luigi Bar Chairs in The Railway Inn, Botley.

Soft Seating
Our variety of soft seating is some of the best in the business. With all different types of variations and styles, our leather range is a great way to draw in your customers for a comfy seat.

The Spitfire chair comes in 5 unique colours and will be a great addition to any area. As well as creating comfort, just make sure your customers aren’t falling asleep before you close for the evening!

Our Spitfire Arm Chairs is available in 5 different colours - Antique Blue, Brown, Chestnut, Green and Red.
Our Spitfire Leather Arm Chairs in-situ at the Leif Tea Room in Leamington.

If you are looking for a step up in comfort, look no further than our Chester Wing chair. Luxurious and a real scene setter, the full leather chair provides quality and comfort for any customers passing by.

Chester Wing Chair - available in Antique Brown and Ox-Blood Red.
Our Chester Wing Chairs in-situ at the Leif Tea Room in Leamington.

With all of the seating above, we are sure you can find your perfect match and create the space you have always been looking for.
If any of the chairs above or on our website interest you, email of call one of our sales team today.

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