Pub Stuff's New Venice Dining Chair

4 Sep 2019

We are very excited to announce another new product to the Pub Stuff range - The Venice Dining Chair. Similar to other popular dining chairs we offer, it is another great way to improve the look of your existing space.

Image showing Pub tuff's New Venice Dining Chair in Dark Walnut and Soft Oak

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What is the Venice Dining Chair?

Our new Dining Chair is a great addition to Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants but will look especially stylish in a Coffee or Cafe setting.

While being able to match with many other popular dining chairs we offer such as the Ohio, Country and Luigi Chair, it will also look great with any existing furniture you have.
But don't stop there.... put it around one of Pub Stuff's Dining Tables to complete the full look new!

Venice Dining Chair in Dark Walnut

With a seat height of 490mm, padded seat and an arched back, the Venice Chair will create comfort for customers as well as a fresh new look to any room you decide to put it into.
With wood finishes in Soft Oak, Dark Walnut and over 30 in-house fabrics to choose from, the possibilities and variations are endless!

Venice Dining Chair in Soft Oak

As with all the Pub Stuff dining chairs, the Venice Chair legs form an integral part of the frame making it sturdy and robust and ready for the rigours of your commercial / contract environment.

In case you missed it!

But don't forget about another new chair we have recently introduced - The Club Dining Chair.

Our New Venice and Club Dining Chairs in Dark Walnut.

Our New Venice and Club Dining Chairs in Soft Oak

It can only be described as a spacious and relaxing chair which will be a great new addition to your space. You will struggle to get rid of your customers with the comfort this chair offers... but this isn't always a bad thing!
P.s Keeps a look out in your inbox, our website and social media accounts... we have more new products coming soon!

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