Pub Tables and Chairs

8 Feb 2021

As the hub of the community, the Public House offers anything from craft ales & Sunday lunches to quiz nights and local bands. Pub Chairs and Tables need to adapt to all these changing purposes.

Pub Tables

The pub table is often more traditional in design, predominantly made from wood to increase longevity and stand up to substantial use. Farmhouse tables are a popular choice, sitting into any design theme and offering depth and space for family groups and friends to gather.

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 Chunky Tables, whether it be a coffee or dining option, are used to create comfort and atmosphere, typically chosen in dark walnuts adding drama and warmth.

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High Top Tables

Closer to the bar areas, you will often see poseur tables. Again either in wooden form or a mix of cast iron and wood to marry up to the surrounding area. These tables are used to create an "extension" of the bar. By keeping the eye line of these tables similar to the bar itself, it extends the area for social drinks and bar snacks, helping to zone specific spaces for purpose.

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Pub Chairs

Pub Chairs are chosen for a wealth of purpose, therefore you will see anything from high back dining chairs to soft tub chairs. Publicans mix and match options within the venue giving a sense of character, and offering choices to their diverse clientele. Easily moveable, they need to create different configurations at a moments notice depending on group sizes and events. 

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For the bar areas high top chairs and stools are placed for a more casual approach, inviting customers to sit for a while whilst enjoying a drink.

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Cosy Corners

In many Public houses you will find "snug" spots designated next to fireplaces or quiet corners. The chairs in these areas are more indulgent statement pieces. Leather chesterfield styles and large soft furnished armchairs are used to entice clientele to get comfortable. Whether it be to read the paper with a coffee and a pub snack or a glass of wine after work, these areas are focal points and warrant the additional spend as are often the memorable spot that draw the customers back.

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