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Re-capture this wonderful feel good atmosphere in your Pub, Bar or Restaurant

I took my Christmas decorations down at the weekend along with the vast majority of the population.  As usual, there were more than last year as I couldn’t resist a pair of gold glittery Turtle Doves for the tree!  And as my parents taught me I carefully wound the fairy lights around pieces of cardboard before putting them in the crumbling box because as we all know once they are off the tree they have secret dances at night and 365 days later are tangled up beyond recognition!

But the point of my story isn’t the demonic Christmas lights but the fact that doesn’t the house look sad now all the lights are down?! Isn't it drab, dull and grey – just like the January weather outside.  We can see now that our walls, not entirely devoid of blu tak and tinsel, need a fresh lick of paint and the carpet could with a deep clean.  That magical fairy dust scattered by those twinkling LED’s seemed to spread a little happiness and we smiled more and socialised more and spent more on our festive cheer.

So what can you do to re-capture this wonderful feel good atmosphere in our venues. So many Pubs, Clubs, Cafes and Restaurants use this time to re-evaluate their offer to their customers.

Revamping, de-cluttering and renewing pub furniture – introducing some comfy chairs and perhaps some leather sofas and coffee tables to encourage longer stays and increase their customers spend per head after the frenetic ‘cram ‘em in’ Christmas and New Year period. Or adding more comfortable bar chairs and bar stools at the bar area.  And of course what could be better than a cosy pint in front of a roaring fire sitting in a beautiful leather Wing Chair – the bastion of the Great British Pub – make the very most of it if you have one!

However, I think I will advocate another route too. How about Fairy lights all year round!! – perhaps different colours for different seasons or occasions – Green for St Patrick's Day and most certainly Red for Valentines ... Can you feel a plan coming together?

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