Rectangle Tables

9 Mar 2022

When you’re choosing a new dining, coffee or bar table, you will have to choose between round and rectangular. Picking the right shape for your space ensures that your new table looks fantastic in your room and works for your needs. Rectangle tables have different advantages to other shaped tables and this is why!

Space saving

The first thing to consider when choosing a table is the space you have available. Different shapes suit different sized spaces. Therefore this has to impact your choice of table.

If you have a small space, bear in mind that rectangle tables take up more space. They have a larger surface area so If you’re space conscious, it can be a better choice to go for a circular table that won’t make your room feel crowded or your guests feel claustrophobic!

While rectangle tables take up more space, they do fit against walls! This can be a positive look, as it breaks down the lines in your space to make the design feel softer, but it doesn’t work for every room.
Being able to fit your table against a wall can be more beneficial for the set-up of your dining room, restaurant, bar etc and might help you to use your space more effectively.

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Extending Options

Rectangle tables, can have more of an air of grandeur than other shaped tables do. This means they work very well in formal settings or in dining rooms. It often comes down to personal preference and the way the rest of your room is set up but overall, rectangle tables tend to look better, provide more space and variety to diners.

Rectangle tables allow you to extend easily as you can put several together to create a banquet style dining area or just a larger area. With Rectangle tables often being able to sit at least 4 and often 6, with the option of extending, making the options endless.

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Our Rectangle Tables

We have a variety of Rectangle dining, bar and coffee tables to suit all styles of venues and practicalities. To name a few, we have our always popular Chunky rectangle dining table which suits most venues as it can suit contemporary or traditional. We also have our pedestal dining tables such as the Stowe Rectangle, these are a very stylish option of rectangle table. Another rectangle table which is currently very popular is our Milan rectangle table, comprising of a metal base and wooden top. The picture below shows several of them together to make a long series of tables as mentioned above.

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