Recycled Plastic Chairs

17 Apr 2023

Eco Friendly? Tick. Encouraging the use of recycled materials? Tick.

Pub Stuff is committed to cutting down its Carbon Footprint, and, with our newest product The Surf Chair coming to our shores for Summer 2023 - we wanted to talk about all things recycled plastic chairs.

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Our Surf Chair is made entirely from plastic waste which has been recovered from shorelines and rivers which were destined for the oceans in Asia. Some of the planet's highest ocean waste pollution comes from the shores of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillippines. This recovered plastic waste is washed, broken down into recyclable pellets and then moulded into the Surf Chair. The end result is a lightweight, weatherproof, stackable chair which is perfect for indoor or al fresco dining.

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Available in 2 shades - Scarlet and Onyx, you have the option to keep things cool and muted with a black Onyx, or add some fun, modern pops of colour by adding the Scarlet into your design scheme. 

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The choice to opt for recycled furniture means you are making a commitment to make our world a better place. Feel proud to know that by choosing The Surf Chair you are choosing sustainability, and helping to clean the oceans - one chair at a time!

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