Restaurant Furniture

28 Apr 2022

Furniture is a vital factor when determining the look and feel of your restaurant. Choosing appropriate styles and materials is essential in achieving the desired ambience and its effectiveness.

Whether you want to create a modern, relaxing space or a traditional, buzzing restaurant, what restaurant furniture you choose is one of the most important aspects to the room.

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Things to consider when choosing your restaurant furniture:



Most people will think, ‘Where do I begin in designing the layout of my restaurant?’ Well, that’s what the Pub stuff Design service team are here for. They are on hand to come and visit your establishment, measure up your space to help identify what you need, what you have space for and where you can place it. This also takes into consideration the kind of ambience you want to create as a fast-paced restaurant can have their diners seated much closer together, whereas a venue who wants to create a longer dining experience will probably create a more private feel. 


As with any restaurant, you will require tables in varying sizes. That’s why we have a range of options for our customers, so we can make sure we leave no stone unturned. Whether you want round tables for a more sociable feel, or rectangle tables to create a banqueting style, we have lots of variety. We have different options of tables for different venue styles, such as Chunky Tables and our Metal Base tables for the more modern look, to then our Stowe and Boston Pedestal tables for a more traditional venue. Why not switch it up and go for tables of varying heights, too? Poseur height bar tables will ensure a more relaxed dining experience; and can be mixed with dining tables. If you don’t use them in your main dining area, then they are also a great way of creating a clear bar area. Mix it up with different tops or bases for a modern, eclectic look.

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The dining chairs that you choose will be based almost entirely on the style of your establishment and the emotions that you want to evoke. Do you want to offer a casual dining experience where customers coming in and out at a fast pace is imperative? Or do you want your customers to stay for a prolonged period for cocktails and dessert? This will determine the kind of restaurant furniture you want in terms of seating as the longer you want your customers to stay, the more comfortable seating you need to invest in.

Pub Stuff offer a range of restaurant seating to accommodate all needs and tastes. The ultimate comfort comes in our Luigi, Lisbon, Banbury and Avon which prove to be our most popular, comfortable seating to then our other popular chairs such as Cambridge, Bentwood and Country, the list goes on. Offering many of our chairs as a wooden option or padded, our customers choices really are limitless. You can always consider even adding Bar Stools and Bar Chairs to your area as an ideal place for customers to sit and drink whilst they wait for a table. This venue below did exactly that and it works perfectly. Our Recent Projects page showcases a wide range of Restaurants we have supplied, showing different styles, sizes and feels.



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