Restaurant Furniture

23 Sep 2022

Why would restaurant furniture be different to any other furniture? The restaurant furniture from Pub Stuff is constructed in completely different ways from domestic furniture. Take our Lisbon restaurant chair. Once it’s covered in beautiful fabric or leather it’s impossible to tell that underneath lies a monster solid build.  We know what a hard life a chair has as a restaurant chair so the back leg runs all the way to the top of the back of the back– you can see how this will help with the strength. And in the same way the front legs extend all the way up to the top of the arms.

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The chairs are manufactured and shipped as a complete carcass so all joints are factory strength; old fashioned Real joints squeezed under pressure by machine! There are no dowels and Pub Stuff customers receive chairs in one piece ready to use. The fabric covering a restaurant chair is treated to a high level of Fire Retardancy known as CRIB5 or Source 5 – much higher than fabric used in a domestic setting and a legal requirement for all restaurant chairs in UK.

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The style of restaurant furniture depends on several factors and includes the setting, the building, the food offer and of course the restaurant owners particular taste. You can see an array of various style by heading over to the Pub Stuff Recent Projects page:

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Restaurant Operators will usually ask for as many covers as possible to maximise their seating potential. Restaurant furniture is cleverly calculated to be just the right size for eating a meal but we have seen the average increase over the years from 60cms square to the average now of 70 cms square for a restaurant table.  This has been mainly driven by restaurants using bigger plates and also meals are now often accompanied by extra side dishes.

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Being able to use restaurant tables in a modular way will give greatest flexibility to any space and we have seen this used to great effect using the Pub Stuff Milan table with its sleek metal pedestal.

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