Restaurant Furniture

7 Sep 2020

Supplying restaurant furniture is a large part of what we do at Pub Stuff. Having a vast range of clients throughout the leisure and hospitality sector, we are providing restaurant furniture to various outlets. Pubs with dining areas, hotel restaurants, leisure outlets with restaurants such as golf clubs etc and many more. Therefore, we have a wide range of different styles to fit different types of venues and specifications.

Wood colours

We mainly sell four different colour woods in our dining range, allowing us to give our customers some choice when deciding on their restaurant furniture. Dark Walnut and Soft Oak are our longest running wood colours, so, these are for a more traditional look. We then have Weathered Oak and Vintage which are both newer styles, introduced to bring us up to the more modern and contemporary look that a lot more of our customers are wanting for their restaurant furniture.

For more intimate dining, we supply square dining tables which can comfortably sit two people but as you can see in the below image, can also easily sit four. This obviously depends on the kind of dining experience you want your customers to have. We also supply a rectangle dining table which comfortably sits four but you can easily get two more chairs on the end to make it a six seater if needs be. Images shown below show how this can be done, with one image even having two rectangles pushed together to seat eight people.

Dining tables and chairs  

Pub Stuff have a wide range of dining chairs to suit all kinds of dining in our restaurant furniture. We have fully covered, extremely comfortable chairs which are our Banbury’s, Avon’s, and Luigi’s, both Avon’s and Luigi’s are pictured below. We also have several dining chairs that are majority wooden with either a wooden seat, a padded seat, or a padded seat and back. These three options for our customers provide choice with look, price, and comfort.

Our dining chairs are available in all of our Pub Stuff fabrics but we can also order any fabric from external companies. This allows us to create any look and feel our customers are after when buying their restaurant furniture.

Restaurant images

The Pied Bull in image two decided on a combination of Dark Walnut and Weathered Oak dining tables and chairs, with a mixture of different fabrics. As you can see, they wanted that ‘mix match’ effect and it seems to work well in this restaurant. Whereas, the other two images show our clients furniture in either all Dark Walnut or all Weathered Oak. Whichever route you decide to go when picking your restaurant furniture, we will be there to guide you all the way to your desired look.

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