Restaurant tables and chairs

8 Aug 2022

If you’re a restaurant owner, finding high quality restaurant tables and chairs at prices you can afford may seem daunting, and seeking to find the balance between durability, comfort, and design is challenging. This is probably mostly because when buying for a restaurant, buying in bulk is essential and therefore, making the right decision, is essential. You need consistency in colour and design to give your restaurant a clean look. By considering your business’ needs while keeping your customers in mind, you’ll find the best selection of seating and tables for your restaurant.

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Whether you’re looking for tables, chairs, booths, or bar stools, we have all the areas covered to get exactly the restaurant furniture you need. Thanks to our longevity of expertise, wealth of experience and rigorous QC, we can say we have the best restaurant tables and chairs to offer our customers in terms of price, robust nature and design. 

Restaurant chairs come in the form of booths, bar stools, and chairs, with the colours and comfort that will keep your customers coming back. Many restaurant furniture providers allow you to find the style you want, and then pick the colour that coordinates with your decor. The next decision is upholstery type. While fabric can have a more upscale look and be more comfortable, it is important you consider colours and cleaning when choosing as you don’t want to become a slave to wiping food stains from your chairs. When designing your restaurant decor, you’ll have the choice between ornamental seat backs that enhance your decor and soft and cushiony seat backs that provide comfort to your customers. While wood seating can be nicer to look at, metals can be more durable and more lightweight. They are usually cheaper too.  Since restaurant chairs can endure quite a bit of abuse during daily business, this can be a bonus for the restaurant owner.

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Bar stools are another consideration. Gone are the days with backless stools for those who “belly up to the bar.” Today’s bar stools are expected to be just as comfortable as the seats in the dining area, with padding on the seat and the back of the chair to provide more comfort. Again, weigh durability against comfort and find something that will keep your customers coming back. We have an array of bar stools to fit all customers needs.  

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Restaurant tables are the core of your business. Unlike your chairs, your tables will remain stationary throughout the life of your restaurant, but they will endure spills, scrapes, scratches and multiple cleanings. This is where we have sourced a supplier for laminated table tops because as easy as wood is to clean, we recognised we needed to supply an easier cleaning alternative to our wooden table tops. These table tops will allow for easier cleaning while still providing the beautiful aesthetic finish you desire.


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