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Sharing and Caring – whatever the weather

We’re hearing all the time about the new fashion for ‘sharing platters’.  Whether in restaurants or pubs and clubs they seem to be all the rage.


But I was thinking that it’s not really a new concept at all. After all, the cheese board and the picnic have been around forever and there can be no better examples of sharing than these two firm favourites.  As our spring season continues over the next few weeks we have two Bank Holidays to look forward to so whether it’s “Picnic Hot” or “Cheese Board Chilly” let’s celebrate with our traditional British Sharing Platters.

If it’s warm enough to eat outdoors then look at the Pub Stuff Florence garden furniture set with 4 stacking arm chairs and a sturdy table they are essential for any garden setting:

The fabulous metal Rio Bistro set will cheer up even the plainest patio on the dreariest of days and certainly won’t break the bank at these great prices.

And if the weather doesn’t behave cosy up in our beautiful leather Chesterfield Sofas and Wing chairs an ideal spot for relishing the quintessential cheese board. Here’s the Co-op best tips for the perfect board:

  • Cheese should be enjoyed at room temperature as it brings out the best in the flavours.
  • If the cheese feels a bit cool, crumble the cheese with your fingers and rub it in to help bring it up to room temperature.
  • There are usually five categories of cheese:  Soft, Fresh, Blue, Hard and Flavour.
  • Look out for the strength of the cheese on the labelling.
  • Crackers are an absolute essential for your cheeseboard.
  • To be more original, dried fruits such as raisins and grapes are good.
  • It’s also nice to have a stick of celery, some quince jelly or some pickles and relishes.
  • Serve your cheeseboard after your main meal but before dessert.
  • Bring cheese out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before you serve it.


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