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The Most Expensive Cupboard in History

Where are your Christmas Decorations? Hopefully boxed neatly and tucked away in a cupboard perhaps under the stairs or at the back of the stockroom. Or you could be one of the many, many Pub Landlords or Restaurant Managers who have shoved them away in the old Function Room upstairs. Along with old light fittings from the last refurbishment, and boxes upon boxes of brewery promotional items that are just never going to be used again.

These unloved and unused function rooms in your venue are everywhere! But they may not be hiding from the Tax Man, he could be charging you by the square metre, whether it’s used or not. Your function room, whether in a pub or club may be just about the most expensive cupboard in history!

Before you venture up for another look – put the heating on, turn the lights up and imagine….

Dining Tables & Restaurant Chairs in our Pub Stuff in a Box Party Bundle’

That large open space may look a bit intimidating, but a Pub Stuff in a Box Party Bundle of furniture from Pub Stuff is just £3,499 which includes:

These dining tables are modular so can be arranged to suit every type of function.

conference layout

Here’s just an example of how you could use your furniture: Modular dining tables and restaurant chairs to create a great conference room - just think how much 50 delegates could eat and drink over the course of a day or so!

Call Pub Stuff with your function room dimensions and we will show you how to make the very best use of your space with our Pub Stuff Pro Planner Design Service.

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