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The unique customer friendly Pub Stuff in a Box is getting bigger!

Instantly transform your venue with a Bundle of Pub Stuff in a Box furniture that does all the thinking for you. Have you always dreamed of creating that authentic Country Kitchen look which screams freshly baked bread and gorgeous cakes? Ma Larkin would be proud of you.

Pub Stuff in a Box Country Kitchen Bundle

Choose the Pub Stuff in a Box Country Kitchen furniture bundle for only £1699 and treat 24 lucky customers at a time sit on carved country dining chairs and eat at solid wood chunky farmhouse tables. Let them eat cake!!!

Layout 1

Pub Stuff in a Box Cafe Furniture Bundle.

Take your Café, Coffee Shop or Bistro to a whole new level with this beautiful furniture package of robust and stylish furniture.  Just £1759 will buy you all you need for over 20 customers to feel cherished and comfortable while you treat them through from breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.  Place these pretty comfy tub chairs where everyone can admire them and show your customers your café is the place to be.

Layout 1

Pub and Cafe Furniture:

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