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Through the front door

As suppliers of all types of furniture to pubs clubs and restaurants we’ve gone through the front door of pubs thousands of times.  But how many times do landlords and managers take the same route as their customers?  The answer is that most landlords and managers are so busy making sure the food and drink is just right their time is spent Behind the bar area and in the kitchen and cellars.

The front of house is the domain of customers.

At the forefront of a customers’ journey through the front door is the humble bar stool all lined up and ready to greet.  Will your customers be smiling or beating a hasty retreat when they see them?

Whether it’s a traditional turned wood stool perhaps with a deep padded top or a more modern bar chair with a back, there are certain rules that cannot be ignored:

The fabric shouldn’t be ripped or grubby and the sturdiness shouldn’t be in question!

bar-stoolsNext to the bar is the favourite position for regulars and first time visitors, and the temptation is to completely fill the front of the bar with stools.  However, being ‘faced’ with a wall of backs or being unable to get some service without reaching over someone’s shoulder is really off putting or indeed quite intimidating for those customers less robust in confidence. Small groups of stools at either end of the bar will create a welcoming look without making an obstacle course for other customers.  And this is where poseur tables really come into their own.  Try placing one of the chunky leg or traditional round poseur tables just away from the bar with some bar stools around it.  You customers will love the fact they still feel high up and part of the Bar Vibe but they won’t be blockers for others.

So we encourage our customers to Walk through their own Front Door.Take a look at their pub from their customers point of view. It’s amazing what you’ll discover when you put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

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