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23 Oct 2023

 There are a wide range of restaurants chair available so let’s dive right in and see which is the best suited for you.

Starting off with soft seating this is more ideal for creating an area for people to relax in. They can sink into the sofa or chair and not worry about getting up in a rush. This goes well with pubs in the evening or coffee shops where people are just getting a drink. The Chester sofa makes for a good option for creating a comfortable vibe but if you are more limited with space the hurricane's also provides the comfort with more of a practical size. There are more soft seating options which are smaller and more suitable for dining like our Lisbon’s. This hybrid style chair has the extra padding for comfort but allows you to easily fit round a table and be high up enough it is comfortable for dining experience.

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Heading into our dining chairs, for a restaurant chair to be the right fit for your venue you need to think about the layout of your venue. Are we trying to fit in as many covers as possible? Are we allowing more of a spacious environment ? Is the flow of tables for your waiters a key element? You need to figure out what works for you as this determines how much space you have.

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In the perfect world we want a chair that can maximise covers and still allow your customers to be as comfortable as possible. The perfect restaurant chair that firs this brief is our Mario’s. This chairs is a simple design but can match any interior, with the option to change the fabric there are no limitations with this chair. An alternative is also our Hereford which is a stylish and classic shape adds a touch of luxury to a venue while being a practical size for any venue.

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Bentwood chairs are perfect if you are going for that bistro inspired look. We offer a range of Bentwood which provides a classic French style with a twist. If you are wanting to go for something more adventurous how about changing it up with a seat pad upholstered in a fabric of your choice providing it meets Crib 5 standards. The seat pad can help bring some more character into the venue.

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If you are a venue that is chopping and changing all the time like a wedding venue, you may need a restaurant chair that can be easily moved and stored away. This is where a versatile restaurant chair may be better suited. Our Cambridge chair has supplied a lot of weeding venues due to its classy style and that it is stackable. Giving the option for a space to be easily cleared up ready for people to hit the dance floor!

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