University contract furniture

23 Feb 2022

University’s offer a variety of dining options – from breakfast through to dinner. So our recommendation would be to install a mixture of tables and chairs to help create different areas within the venue. Some areas are focused purely on dining and others on more relaxed social gatherings.

As University’s cater for hundreds of customers each day it was crucial that the commercial furniture we source is able to withstand constant heavy use. It is also important that the furniture we supply complements whatever look the University is going for, so it can be durable whilst also fitting contemporary themes.

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Dining/Drinking Areas

We would recommend three different styles of dining table for the food court. These include; The Classic tables, The Chunky Tables and the Milan metal base tables.

Our range of complete tables have a simple yet sturdy design and are a great choice for busy cafes and restaurants. The Classic and chunky comprise a sturdy four-leg frame which supports a hard wearing clientele, and also the Milan has an eye-catching yet extremely hard wearing cast iron base with a wooden top.

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To go alongside these tables, we would recommend our new line of chairs which are contemporary meets retro. The Kensington, Oslo and Bergen are the perfect chairs for students and staff to grab a coffee and snack in comfort and in an area where it feels less formal and more relaxed. They are also easy moving and they are fully upholstered for the ultimate comfort. Alternatively, the Cambridge stackable chair is another great option for University contract furniture because they can be stacked away during term time or when not in use so the space can be used for different functions.

We have put together a series of bundles which would suit any University eatery or social area to suit a budget. They comprise of a set of table and chairs that would be suitable for a wide range of venues, including Universities.

Kensington and Bergen Nat Oak Bundle v2


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