University Furniture

1 Dec 2021

No Student Union or University Canteen is complete without comfortable seating, tables, and chairs ready for studying, drinking, eating and active debate and discussions. The question is, how do you choose the furniture that is right for you and your consumers?

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It needs to be robust, whilst being affordable, comfortable as well as stylish. At pub stuff, we hold a wide range of furniture to cover all these bases and getting it to your venue couldn’t be easier.

All our University Furniture is of the highest quality yet at a very affordable price so we can guarantee that you would be receiving furniture that will provide longevity and not break your bank balance.


What to look for in University furniture

With plenty of social and community events taking place in your centre, it’s important to ensure that the furniture you chose is both practical and flexible. First and foremost, your chairs need to be comfortable as they are going to get a lot of use, and no one wants to spend any length of time sitting on an uncomfortable chair. As well as this, it is imperative that the chairs are lightweight and stackable as your furniture will need to be stored away when not in use. The perfect chair to match these criteria are the Cambridge Stackable Dining Chair as it is lightweight, versatile, stackable whilst also being stylish.

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Rectangle tables are also a popular option as they seat more people than square and circular tables and encourage group interaction. These are also ideal as they can be placed together to create bigger tables. We have a range of Rectangle dining tables such as our Classic Rectangle Dining Table that are again lightweight whilst also being robust, so they are easy to pack away when needed but also good quality and aesthetically pleasing. 

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