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20 Jun 2023

Choosing furniture for Universities is one thing, but making sure you pick the right pieces to suit each area is another important factor you may want to consider.

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High education facilities have various areas which need furnishing correctly - study rooms, libraries, breakout areas and dining rooms. Think soft, comfortable sofas for those study areas and quiet corners of the libraries. Cubes and modular seating are also another great option for these types of spaces - they offer comfort whilst not taking up too much floor space. There's the option to play around with colour and design with smaller pieces such as out Cube or Cylinder seating - choose from any of our house fabrics, or any other fabric of your choice (additional charges may apply) Calming colours or shades which set a relaxing tone are usually a popular choice - too much use of bright colour can sometimes feel over-stimulating or distracting. Opting for a vinyl fabric which can be easily sanitised or wiped clean makes it the perfect option for either study areas or break rooms. 

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Canteens or dining areas are usually bigger rooms that see a higher footfall throughout the day - but with diners sitting for much shorter periods of time. The Surf Chair is a perfect option for this type of space. Made from recycled ocean plastics, it's also lightweight, stackable, robust, and it can be wiped clean. Available in two colours - Scarlet and Onyx. They can be easily stacked and moved away if clearing space for other purposes, and have a playful modern design. Also perfect for al fresco dining - The Surf is fully weather proof and can sit indoors or out.

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Libraries are probably the most occupied areas in universities. As students are often sitting and studying for long durations, comfort is the most important factor to take into account when furnishing these spaces. Sofas and deep seats are both great options, arm chairs and padded seats to offer maximum comfort. The Cortina Sofa is an ideal option - offering both comfort and style, not only will it look modern and stylish, but its deep seat and wide arms will provide comfort for any lengthy study sessions.  

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