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Use Pub Garden Furniture to enjoy Tapas and Picnics

Where your pub or beer garden is flat and level, then wooden pub garden furniture; dining tables and dining chairs such as the beautiful Pub Stuff Tuscany outdoor garden furniture set will create a flexible and attractive seating area in any pub garden or beer garden.

Pub Garden Furniture Tuscany Set

But how about that sloping part of the pub garden where the outdoor pub garden furniture just can’t be used.  Don’t waste it – how about offering your customers the chance to enjoy a picnic. Hand out a rug and a box of tapas dishes or finger food (perfect for your chef to just prepare and leave in the chiller for your bar staff to distribute).

Pub Garden Furniture

Did you know?...

Picnic derived from the French word pique-nique, a term from the late 17th century. A pique-nique was kind of like a pot-luck, but more upscale. Pique means pick, so that is easy. It comes from piquer, which has many shades of meaning. And nique means something like "nothing much" or a "trifle.

picnic 2

After the French Revolution, when the royal parks of Paris became opened to the public, Londoners looking to be high-falutin looked to Paris for inspiration and 'Picnic Societies' or 'Picnic Clubs' were formed where members would arrive to outdoor feasts with their own small contribution. This was an imitation of the French fête champêtre or garden party.

Today's version of the picnic, however, of bringing many small cold dishes on an outing or day out, may be connected to the English practice of bringing food such as cold game pies, or roasted meats along on a hunt, obviously to be eaten outdoors.


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