Vintage Chairs

17 Mar 2022

Trends, trends, trends. We love to hate them (don’t we?), but we also can’t wait to find out what’s coming up next in the furniture and decor industry. We often think of trends as short-lived but vintage style, as well as other interior trends are everything but temporary, always evolving to fit the latest interior buzz. Like the little black dress, iconic designer chairs are forever in style proving once and for all that you cannot put an expiration date on those high-quality designs. is proof that this is not the case and that's what brings us onto the topic of vintage chairs. 


Vintage chairs will be a trend to stick around because they tick both the traditional style box whilst also the contemporary, thus meaning they suit most, if not all venues. As well as doing vintage style chairs, we have also introduced a vintage wood colour to compliment the style of the vintage chairs, making them a lot more organic.

Our most popular vintage chair would probably be our Texas and Cambridge dining chairs, which also come in the vintage colour wood. Followed closely by the Bentwood and York.

Cam Stack WO 7

These vintage chairs will suit either a traditional venue or a modern venue depending on the fabric chosen. They could look retro vintage with a contemporary fabric or more old fashioned with a floral style fabric.

Texas Vintage 1

Our recent projects page and social media channels showcase various examples of how our vintage chairs can suit many venues and always look great.


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