What are the latest trends in bar table and chairs?

9 Oct 2023

Sustainable materials and designs

Environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important for many UK consumers, and this is reflected in the growing demand for sustainable materials and designs in bar or dining tables and chairs. Many designers and manufacturers are now using recycled or reclaimed wood, eco-friendly fabrics, and other environmentally-friendly materials in their products. The trend towards more sustainable designs is set to continue in 2023, with consumers placing a greater emphasis on furniture that is both stylish and eco-friendly. Here we use for majority of our products rubber wood being a more sustainable option for our products.  

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Comfortable seating

As individuals spend more time out at social events, comfort is turning into a crucial consideration when picking dining chairs, to keep your customers happy. This has sparked a trend toward chairs that are built to offer the highest level of comfort and support. A growing number of people are choosing chairs with armrests and padded seats and backs. Additionally, a lot of customers want seats that can give them support they need while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

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Multi-functional designs

There is an increasing trend for multi-functional furniture designs as venues become multi-functional areas. This is especially true for dining tables, which are frequently utilized for a range of parties. Thus, there is an increasing need for dining tables that can be quickly transformed into other furniture items, such as desks or coffee tables. Having versatile chairs also help make spaces easier to manage such as stackable chairs which won’t take up space when not needed but can provide extra seats for busy occasions.


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Bold colours and patterns

The popularity of vibrant colours and patterns in dining furniture is currently on the rise, as opposed to the once-popularity of neutral hues and straightforward designs. When it comes to dining chairs, this tendency is especially pronounced, with many customers choosing seats in vivid colours or with eye-catching designs. These striking patterns are expected to be in demand in 2023 and may bring personality and flare to any dining space.

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