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What is Contract Furnishings?

What is it and how does it relate to furnishings use and furnishings style and design?

When looking for furnishings, you might have come across the expression ‘contract furniture’. But what precisely is it, and how does it relate to furnishings use and furnishings style and design?

The easiest definition of contract furnishings is furniture that is applied for business purposes. Normally, contract furniture is applied by landlords and letting agents, university halls for student accommodation, motels, B&Bs, guest houses, offices, bars, restaurants and leisure services. The furniture itself can be an assortment from contract bed frames, mattresses, sofas, chairs, lights, desks, bed room furniture, dining tables and dining chairs, upholstery and linens. The record is virtually countless!

The expression 'contract’ itself refers to the published arrangement involving the vendor and customer when the merchandise is bought.  When furniture is offered for commercial use in the United Kingdom, it has to meet a rigorous set of criteria to meet a range of British Standards.

At Pub Stuff, we sometimes refer to our furniture as being Contract Furniture, as we believe this tells our customers that it is constructed in a way that makes it suitable for use in commercial environments such as Pubs and Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes. Coffee Shops and Bars etc.  Pub Stuff Dining and Restaurant Chairs, for example are made with mortise and tenon joints and pressed together by machine at the factory, arriving in Pub Stuff warehouses complete – and strong!

This contrasts with some chairs made for domestic use which arrive here in a form known as ‘KD’, this stands for ‘knocked down’; so the dining chairs frames arrive in pieces and are put together perhaps using Allen Keys in assembly plants in the UK.  Of course, this means that many more chairs can be shipped in a container reducing costs but possibly compromises the final product quality.

Contract Furniture and Crib 5.

The legislation makes sure that any upholstered furnishings and fabrics offered have been rigorously checked and meet British Standard (BS7177 ignition supply five/Crib 5).  The rules apply to all people in a company chain, from companies and suppliers through to landlords, upholsterers, second hand furniture suppliers and letting agents.

All the fabrics in the Pub Stuff fabric range do, of course, meet the CRIB 5 standard!

Pub Stuff are based in Cropredy, near Banbury in Oxfordshire supplying Pub furniture to the Hospitality and Leisure Industry.


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