Wholesale furniture

4 Oct 2023

What is wholesales furniture and is it what you need? Wholesale furniture is when you buy or sell furniture at a wholesale price and it is often sold in larger bulk. When something is sold wholesale it usually not sold to the general public and is often sold to business to businesses.  So if you are a business in need of new furniture keep reading, as this one is for you.

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Wholesale furniture is often shipped in larger quantities often making this better value, making it perfect if you are in need of a refurb for your venue. By buying a bigger bulk it allows there to be a larger saving rather than buying a singular item, in some cases.  When buying in wholesale furniture there are advantages that can help you, this could be saving money, instead of going to a retailer a wholesaler can help cut out the middle man and allow you to get a better deal.

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When buying from Pub Stuff as they only sell to business sector it means that we can ensure our products are up to the correct industry standard. We know that the products are being put to the test in busy venues and a household chair won’t be strong enough. We also make sure all of our products are to industry standard such as our fabric being crib 5 safe so that you can rest easy knowing you have the best quality products.

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We offer a range of wholesale products from our surf chairs which are ready to go, to our Millan’s which offer a more of a dining experience. Our booths also offer a more of a dining experience and can help create some privacy to get a more intimate feeling. Wholesaler furniture has no limits on what you may want and we are always happy to help assist your needs, just give us a call.

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 (Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff). Have a look at our range of cube products to see what fits for your venue, be in touch and we will help to get the best cube stool suited for your needs.

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