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Why a Mortise and Tenon joints on Pub furniture?

Our Buyers are currently on their way to inspect two of the Pub Stuff factories in Vietnam. They will be supervising the new product development for our new Pub Stuff furniture and checking that all is well with the existing manufacturing.

Pub Stuff products are made to our own specifications taking into consideration the many challenges they will face as dining tables or restaurant or cafe chairs in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants or coffee shops.  It's meant that we even choose the glue that’s used so that it will work well with mortise and tenon joints in the UK’s centrally heated venues.  Quite different from the humid heat of the far east where the furniture is made.  We have to check that the moisture levels in the wood itself are low enough before shipping (between 8-12%), any higher and the wood is in danger of warping and shrinking once it’s placed in a cosy pub.


The glue needs to be PVA, so that it is rubberised and flexible enough to hold even if the wood moves a little, and the joints – well they have to be mortise and tenon!

The ‘tenon’ is carved out of the main wooden strut and slotted into a tailor made hole in the receiving piece.  These are so much stronger than using a dowell!

mortise and tenon

With extra bracing sections across the corners of the dining chair seat and the chair frames, built up under mechanised highly gauged high pressure at the factories, the Pub Stuff furniture is engineered for the life it can expect.

Flat packed chairs will just wobble and fall! It’s the main difference between those dining chairs made for the domestic market (homes) and those chairs made specifically for the Contract Market such as Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops and Bistros.

1940 peeble winter 500 pxSONY DSC

Pub Stuff furniture:

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