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Club Furniture Top Tips of the Trade

Club House Furniture - Top Tips of the Trade

1.  A fantastic way to test ideas is with a Moodboard

It’s a type of collage consisting of text, samples, images and samples of composition.  A Moodboard is a TOOL to help develop concepts and communicate them when words alone can’t.



2.  Ask yourself - What type of people would you like to target?

Notice how this is different to what type of people use the facility at the moment? It’s more aspirational than this.  Is there any real point of using your hard earned budget if all you’re going to do is make your existing customers a little more comfortable and not encourage either;

  • The same customers – but to visit more often.
  • The same customers – but spending more money
  • Or perhaps a re-engagement and an upgrade for your existing customers who are threatening to walk away?

All of these are perfectly legitimate reasons for a change but it’s an important question to answer right at the outset. You still need to understand who your market is and what you are trying to achieve.


3.   Trying to work out your floorplans can be daunting when faced with large open spaces. 

The first thing our designers think about is what will each little portion be used for: breaking the space down into bite size pieces really helps and also makes choosing furniture a whole lot easier; We call it ‘Zoning’.


4. People attract People.  If a club or bar looks busy then it is likely to become even busier! Place your furniture to maximise this effect.


5. Use poseur tables to ‘move’ your customers away from sitting at the bar.  It will free up your serving space and keep your customers happy too.


6. Fix Tongue and Groove panelling to the lower half of you walls.  This will give you greater wear and tear protection and also give you greater scope for an interesting design scheme.


7. Try to understand the journey different groups will make through your space.  Walk through it with the eyes of your clients and your staff.  You may have to do this several times as you consider ladies and gents, waiters and bar staff and potentially even Brides if your venue goes down that route!


Case Study

Daventry Rugby Club, with the help of Pub Stuff have created a warm, welcoming and interesting space.  From the inital consultation through to the delivery of pub furniture, Pub Stuff brought together a coordinated scheme.  Mervyn Bull, Club Chairman is thrilled with the end result, he says 'thank you for the help and advice you (Pub Stuff) have given us at the Sports Club.  The final result is just as you promised" and Club Vice-Chairman Rosco (Paul Russell) continues "I honestly can't thank everyone involved enough, we have already achieved a massive increase in business with more and more people booking the facilities for parties, weddings and other functions.

Daventry Rugby Club Images


Pub Stuff's lead designer says:  Sometimes clubs are in danger of playing it too safe when it comes to decor.  In trying to please everyone, the club ends up looking bland and uninteresting. 

The human brain will reject under-stimulating information so try to look beyond Magnolia.  We're here to help you make your clubhouse the very best it can be. 

Call me now! I love a challlenge.

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