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Hard surfaces and Covid-19

Studies have shown that Coronavirus can potentially live on hard surfaces for anywhere up to 5 days.  However, it is reassuring that Coronavirus can be killed using the right products.

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is surrounded in a layer of fat and proteins which protects it. This layer is dissolved with soap, disinfectant or alcohol, meaning that the virus is killed after this payer is removed.

Cleaning your table tops

You will probably be tempted to clean your Pub Stuff Table Tops with disinfectant and alcohol during these times. These are great ways to kill the virus of course, but or solid wood and tops don't like the stuff! It will leave them with a  cloudy finish as it removes the lacquer, damaging your tables.

Along the lines of our normal cleaning advice, we recommend you continue to use warm soapy water as this will be more than enough to clean your tables, but clean them twice each time, as opposed to the usual one. And, like you hands, we also suggest cleaning tops more regularly.

*If you have any further questions regarding our advice, please feel free to give us a call.

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