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Scaffold Square Table


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Key Features

Scaffold Table Square (760mm x 760mm x 740mm).

Also available as a Rectangle (1200mm x 760mm x 740mm) for £249.

Sales Order Hotline: 01295 758536

Scaffold Square Table
  • Scaffold Square Table
  • Scaffold Square Table
  • Scaffold Square Table
  • Scaffold Square Table

There's so much more to the Pub Stuff new Scaffold Table than you can see with the naked eye! Of course it's beautifully made with rustic, authentic scaffold boards topping a substantial industrial style base but the story behind the table is what makes it a truly special piece of furniture.

The workshop where this table is made has a simple mission - to help the people there become exceptional rather than the exception building a social business that thrives on merit rather than sympathy.

This enterprise employs, trains and supports people from our community who face prejudice and barriers to work. Over 85% of the team are striving to succeed in the face of issues such as physical or learning difficulties, mental health illness, recovery from addiction and criminal history.

Every month the project creates over 1,400 hours of human social impact. That includes skills, training, employment, positive activity and life skills. This reduces isolation, raises self-esteem, lowers the call on blue-light and NHS services, combats depression/mental health issues and gives people somewhere of which they are proud to be a part of.

By choosing the scaffold table you will be making a positive impact on this worthwhile project and we thank you.

Doing some GOOD with WOOD.


How to look after your Pub Stuff Furniture

All Pub Stuff wooden furniture products are made from sustainable wood.  They are solid wood not veneer.  It is a natural product and will have individual grains and markings.

Wood will also expand and contract depending on the humidity and this may mean that sometimes the bolts and screws need tightening onthe Pub tables to hold the product firm, this is especially necessary in the first few weeks. Please ensure you do not overtighten.

To keep your Pub Stuff wooden furniture beautiful, you will simply need to wipe with warm soapy water and polish with a wood polish such as Pledge.  Some sanitisers will quickly damage your furniture. 

Ensure you do not place hot items directly onto Pub Stuff tables.  If it is too hot to hold, it is too hot for the table.

If you need to move your  tables, DO NOT DRAG THEM ACROSS THE FLOOR.  Dragging the tables will break your tables and Pub Stuff will not be liable for the damage caused in this way.  Tables must be lifted evenly.  Poseur tables should be lifted by the pedestal, not the top.