Wooden Chairs

26 Aug 2022

Integrating wooden chairs in the furnishing of any establishment creates a warm and welcoming environment, making them the go-to choice for most venues.

When it comes to creating a beautiful dining area, many people assume the table is the most important element. But in our experience, it’s actually the chairs which make or break the scheme. They’re normally the most eye-catching feature, and of course their level of comfort has a huge impact on whether the space is enjoyable to use. After all, there’s no point having a set-up that’s stunning to look at if you can’t bear to sit there for more than a few minutes at a time!

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The vast array of choices of wooden chairs can seem overwhelming, and there are all sorts of different factors to consider. So to make things easier, I’ve picked out 5 of the most traditional wooden options below, focusing on wooden chairs with a timeless aesthetic.

Whatever your budget, these are designs that you can invest in with confidence, knowing that they’re not going to date – they look just as stylish today as they did when they were first launched. They’re also incredibly versatile, fitting with ease into a wide variety of room styles and settings, and most of them are available in several different finishes.

Cambridge Metal Cross Back Dining Chair

Bentwood Slatted Back Dining Chair

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Lattice Back Dining Chair

Henley Solid Back Dining Chair

Venice Dining Chair

Comfort is of course another key factor. If you’ll be sitting on the chairs for a long period of time then you might want to consider an option with a cushioned seat, but even non-padded chairs can be wonderfully comfortable if they’re designed with ergonomics in mind. The Venice Dining Chair is one such example – there are 3 options on this chair, a wooden seat option, a padded seat option and then a fully padded seat option. This is giving customers all of the aesthetic and comfort options, as well as price options. Many of our chairs have these options to give variety and choice and if we don't, there is always a suitable alternative. 

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In general, curved backrests and seats tend to be a little more supportive as they ‘hug’ the body, but it depends on individual preferences, such as the Bentwood Slatted and Curved dining chairs.

If you are not a fan of the minimalist style but you prefer a more modern and comfortable one, it is recommended to choose chairs with wooden legs and seat/back covered in fabric or leather.


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