Modena Dining Chair

Product code: MODENA

from £65.09 exc. vat


Modena Padded Back and Seat Dining Chair

Available in Soft Oak and Dark Walnut.

Price for chair shown in Soft Oak, finished in a Diamond Green Back and Green Faux Seat - £75.09

Scroll down to fabric and wood options and prices below. Some Fabrics and Fauxs are included in the £65.09 price.

You can choose any one of our house fabrics or from any other fabric supplier (additional charges may apply).



With it's high padded back, the Modena is a stunning addition to any resturant, whether it's a pub, a club or a stand-alone venue. The wooden frame is available in either dark walnut or soft oak to coordinate with the rest of the Pub Stuff range of tables and chairs. The Modena consistently tops our Top Sellers chart especially when it’s teamed with the chunky square tables which seem to suit it’s streamline styling so well.  Restaurants look elegant and neat with the Modena chair fitting easily under the table when it’s not in use, but the back projecting above to ensure an interesting eye-line.

When it comes to upholstery for the Modena the sky really is the limit.  There’s the choice of aver 30 fabrics and faux leathers in the pub Stuff range. Often customer choose to have the back a different colour to the seat pad perhaps with a more stain resistant choice for the high wear area and striking lighter choice for the back allowing you colour scheme to really ‘pop’. As you would expect from the Contract furniture industry’s leading supplier, all Pub Stuff fabrics and leathers conform to CRIB5 fire retardancy ensuring it is ideal for use within public spaces.

The style feature our customers really love about the Modena chair is the wooden frame around the back pad.  Developed in conjunction with one of the major names within high street hospitality this frame protects the precious fabric from any grubby fingers when the chair is being naturally moved about. This simple frame ensures the Modena remains in pristine condition.

As with all Pub Stuff wooden chairs the Modena comes fully assembled.  It’s constructed in the Pub Stuff factories to Contract furniture strength using mortice and tenon joints and traditional robust manufacturing methods


Dark Walnut
Dark Walnut
Soft Oak
Soft Oak


Bordeaux Faux v2
*Bison Bordeaux Faux Leather
Expresso Faux
*Bison Espresso Faux Leather
Bison Faux
*Bison Tan Faux Leather
moon banff natural red
*Moon Banff Natural/Red
moon jasper natural red
*Moon Jasper Natural/Red
moon jasper red black
*Moon Jasper Red/Black
Braemar Charcoal +£12.00
Braemar Indigo +£12.00
Braemar Ochre +£12.00
Braemar Pistachio +£12.00
Braemar Wine +£12.00
ps dash black grey
Dash Black/Grey +£10.00
ps dash blue
Dash Blue +£10.00
ps dash forest green
Dash Forest Green +£10.00
ps dash red
Dash Red +£10.00
Add a heading 63
Diamond Aubergine +£10.00
PS Diamond black
Diamond Black +£10.00
PS Diamond blue v2
Diamond Blue +£10.00
PS Diamond Green
Diamond Green +£10.00
PS Diamond Red
Diamond Red +£10.00
Prem Dogtooth check Aubergine DSC 4497
Dogtooth Aubergine +£10.00
Prem Dogtooth Check Sage DSC 4505
Dogtooth Sage +£10.00
Prem Dogtooth Check Tomato Red DSC 4500
Dogtooth Tomato +£10.00
PremHighland Blue 602 DSC 4510 PadWzU0MCw1NDAsIiNGRkZGRkYiLCIxMDAiXQ
Highland Blue +£10.00
Highland Grey v2 ScaleMaxWidthWzU0MF0
Highland Grey +£10.00
PS Jewel Amethyst
Jewel Amethyst +£10.00
PS Jewel Bronze PadWzU0MCw1NDAsIiNGRkZGRkYiLCIxMDAiXQ v2
Jewel Bronze +£10.00
Jewel Jet +£10.00
PS Jewel Topaz v2
Jewel Topaz +£10.00
Kinloch Biscuit +£12.00
Kinloch Charcoal +£12.00
Kinloch Heather +£12.00
Kinloch Indigo +£12.00
Kinloch Ochre +£12.00
Kinloch Pistachio +£12.00
Kinloch Riviera +£12.00
Kinloch Wine +£12.00
PS Red DSC 4484
PS Red +£10.00
Saddle Ash
Saddle Ash Faux leather +£12.00
Saddle Garnet
Saddle Garnet Faux Leather +£12.00
Saddle Juniper
Saddle Juniper Faux Leather +£12.00
Saddle Midnight
Saddle Midnight Faux Leather +£12.00
custom fabric
Your choice from any supplier

How to look after your Pub Stuff Furniture

All Pub Stuff wooden furniture products are made from sustainable wood. They are solid wood not veneer. It is a natural product and will have individual grains and markings.

Wood will also expand and contract depending on the humidity and this may mean that sometimes the bolts and screws need tightening on the Pub tables to hold the product firm, this is especially necessary in the first few weeks. Please ensure you do not overtighten.

To keep your Pub Stuff wooden furniture beautiful, you will simply need to wipe with warm soapy water and polish with a wood polish such as Pledge. Some sanitisers will quickly damage your furniture. 

Ensure you do not place hot items directly onto Pub Stuff tables. If it is too hot to hold, it is too hot for the table.

If you need to move your  tables, DO NOT DRAG THEM ACROSS THE FLOOR. Dragging the tables will break your tables and Pub Stuff will not be liable for the damage caused in this way. Tables must be lifted evenly. Poseur tables should be lifted by the pedestal, not the top.