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19 Jan 2021

Today, many coffee shops are busy and vibrant places. So, the coffee shop furniture is important when it comes to attracting new and repeating customers.

Interior Attraction

No matter where a coffee shop is in the world, all of them have something in common. It’s not just coffee, but the warmth and cosiness of the interior itself. People come to a coffee shop to drink coffee or other hot beverages, meet up with friends or set up an important meeting with potential clients, read a book or magazine, or to just think and relax.

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Smart & Traditional

The vast majority of coffee shops on our high streets and shopping centres will be in this category. It’s the one that seems endlessly enduring and popular among the National and International chains, as well as many Independent coffee shops. You can achieve this look by introducing some beautiful Soft comfy seats in the windows as an enticement to passing trade to come in for a well-earned sit down.

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Rustic & Quirky

Inside you’ll find a mix of robust dining chairs mostly with neutral upholstered padded seats with small 2 seat tables which can be butted up together to make larger tables as needed. It’s a short journey to change this scheme into something more rustic and quirkier by introducing some High tables and perhaps some metal chairs and stools.

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Food & Drink

The food and drink offer often changes slightly in this style of outlet: More likely to introduce Artisan coffees and pastries from smaller, perhaps local, suppliers. Your customer profile may be slightly altered and is less likely to attract families especially those with younger children. Does that perhaps suggest a higher spend per capita? The furniture you choose will subtly suggest to you customer the type of food and drink you serve and even how long you expect them to stay…………..Upright seats and bright lights would perhaps shout out that we serve Value or Budget food with a high turnover of customers.

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