Bar Furniture

Here at Pubstuff, we offer a complete range of Bar contract furniture such as tables, chairs, stools and sofas. Our vast range of contemporary products will give you the chance to furnish your bar in any way you would like to, giving your space a personalised touch.

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Bar furniture is something that you'll need to take great care in choosing. After all, this is not normal, everyday living room furniture. It's not even like other furniture for different businesses. It needs to be much more robust than that because it is subjected to greater abuse than most, not just because it is often used, but also because it must be able to deal with spills and being knocked over, not to mention being dragged about by customers or workers cleaning the floor. 

All of this adds to the typical factors you'll need to think about when buying contemporary bar furniture, such as the number of seats required and the amount of floor space available for tables and chairs, which must be balanced when selecting the right furniture for your needs. So what do you need to look out for? 

How Much Space? 

Before you make a choice, you must first evaluate what you need, which includes looking closely at the available area. Measure your room's length and breadth at its widest and narrowest points to determine the minimum and maximum floor areas you have to work with. In this way, you'll know whether our Avon bar chair is going to fit nicely and whether the pedestal poseur table might be the right choice or not. 

Measure the ceiling height as well – bar stools and poseur tables are higher than most other kinds of furniture, so make sure you have enough overhead clearance in all areas of your bar. If the ceiling is low, the traditional low bar stool could be the best thing to use. 

Make a note of any areas where your floor changes level, whether via a step or an uneven surface, since these may be more challenging to arrange furniture in. 

Also, verify the size of the doorways through which you plan to carry the furniture into your bar to avoid jamming bigger objects as you squeeze them through. 

The best use of your space is determined by several factors, including:

  • Do you need to be able to relocate your bar equipment on a regular basis in order to accommodate group bookings or clear a dancefloor space?
  • Do you have separate sections, such as a dining room, booths, or a bar area with stools? 
  • Do you have existing furnishings to work with, or are you doing a complete renovation?

Health And Safety

Even when measuring your area, there are safety issues and practical factors to bear in mind – customers and employees must be able to move about your premises freely, for example. Make sure there is enough space surrounding fire exits, as well as obvious paths to them from all of your major customer areas. 

There are many materials to select from for your bar furniture, including wood and metal frames, as well as natural or manufactured upholstery. These have various consequences for fire safety, but with so many options, you should be able to select materials that meet your needs without significantly increasing your risk level.