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15 Jan 2024

With easter coming early this year we all need to make sure we are ahead of the second most busiest time of the year. With our venues filling up with family and friends to celebrate mother’s day. This is perfect to get your venue looking the part. Commercial outdoor furniture could be the solution to what you need. By utilising your outdoor space in your venue it can help double your covers and makes for a lovely treat.

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We hope the weather is nicer this year, so lets make the most of it! Get your commercial outdoor furniture today so you are ready for the mother’s day rush. There are lots of high quality furniture which can help your venue stand out. This could be the laminate table tops to our surf chairs made from ocean bound plastic. We have a more traditional style picnic bench which id great to get the whole family around to make memories .

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Laminate table tops and weather resistant so can withstand our forever changing weather. We recommend that during the colder months they are stored away if not in use however this isn’t necessary. Our laminate tales come with a metal table base ensuring for a durable piece of furniture.  This high quality metal base come in a range of styles to suit your venue, matched along with our expanding range of laminate tops you will be bale to achieve the look you desire.

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The wooden benches allow for a more traditional pub feeling, brining that classical beer garden feel. When the sun is shining make sure you are ready for your customers to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather.  While our metal table and surf chairs can provide a compact and modern approach.

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Be in touch with our sales team today to find the perfect commercial outdoor furniture for you and your customers. We can’t wait to see how all of your stunning venues will look this summer!

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